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Welcome to MLH Family!
Welcome to our MLH Family page!  In an effort to become paperless, we have created this page for families to have access to "fillable .pdf forms" to keep your children's file/s up-to-date, online field trip forms, and fast access to the websites we use most when it comes to communicating with you and teaching your children.

We will keep this page updated with quick links and shortcuts to the information you use most.  Something missing?  Link not working?  Email Ms. Jenn!
We regularly keep parents updated through the app, Remind.  Remind is a free text messaging app that helps teachers, students, and parents communicate quickly and efficiently.  Please choose the class matching your child's age group.  Families are welcome to sign up for more than one class when appropriate.  Parents of children attending half-day kindergarten are encouraged to join both Pre-K and School-Age classes.

Students are welcome to join our School-Age & Youth group to stay updated on school closings, field trips, and summer camp events.
Infants, Toddlers, & 2's
ages 6 weeks - 35 months
Preschool & Pre-K
ages 3, 4, & 5 years (incl. half-day kindergarten)
School-Age & Youth
kindergarten, grades 1-12, up to age 20
We post most pictures and videos to our private Facebook group.  To have access to the group, send Ms. Jenn a friend request.

Our public Facebook page is updated with special highlights only.  You're welcome to like & follow us!
MLH Public Facebook Page Link
Every so often we want to share a hi-def video of your child learning and the best and most convenient way to share these videos is through our personal YouTube accounts.  Please note that all videos uploaded to YouTube are unlisted.  When a video is uploaded as "unlisted", the only people who are allowed to view the video are those who have the link.  We upload videos this way so they can be shared with whomever you choose while maintaining basic privacy practice.
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